Neeto ,a awesome editor
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A Markdown Editor


Beta Version DownLoad: Beta Download

There is no guarantee that there are no fatal bugs in this version. Only experience new functions can be determined


Grammar demonstration

LaTeX syntax support

Running Shot

Development of Neeto in version 1. X

Functions to be realized in the future:

  • Auto completion of parentheses

  • Analysis of latex formula

  • After pasting the picture, upload it to the drawing bed and replace the input with the returned link

  • Realize cloud note function, but do not guarantee cloud collaboration

  • To realize the background management system of web page, Java should be used to build the background

Possible future functions:

  • Thematic system

  • file system

  • Setup interface

What should not be achieved in the future:

  • Cloud collaboration

  • Plug-in system

  • Real time rendering - I haven't found a reasonable solution yet.